Brandied Pear

Brandied Pear

Fragrance Notes

Top – Cinnamon, Clove
Middle – Pear, Apple, Apple Cider
Base – Sugar, Brandy




Brandied Pear is a CandleScience classic, one of our original fragrances that’s been a favorite for over a decade. This fragrance is a sweet indulgence of ripe pear and cask aged brandy. While the revised version is slightly less spice-forward than the original, it allows the bright, juicy pear to really shine through.

You’ll notice that the new Brandied Pear is now soap safe! Enjoy this rare balance of natural freshness and mouth-watering sweetness in a variety of applications, from candles to sugar scrubs, all year round.

Blends well with: Gingerbread, Strudel and Spice, Creme Brulee

Alternative branding ideas: Spiced Pear, Pear Pomander, Anjou Pear

Suggested Colors: Green, Yellow, Ivory

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1 oz Bottle – $2.92 /oz, 4 oz Bottle – $2.48 /oz, 16 oz Bottle – $1.49 /oz, 5 lb Jug – $1.34 /oz


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